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My work with young adults centers around examining and embracing the transition from adolescence to adulthood. Independence and freedom can be empowering and enchanting, and the responsibilities that go along with them can feel daunting. I work with young adults to manage stress, develop work-life balance, and health in their relationships. I aim to help you develop a life that is authentically and passionately YOU!


Similarly, those of us in the depths of adulthood still face transitions, challenges, and relationship struggles. In working with adults, I meet you where you are to determine the therapeutic path you desire to take to improve the way you work, live, and love! 


I commonly address issues of anxiety, depression, and relationships.


The teenage years are full of creativity, openness, and expanding horizons. For most, it's also a time of many changes and struggles at home and at school. Anxiety, depression, and/or trauma can add layers to an already complex life stage.


I work with teens to address depression, anxiety, and trauma with a gentle and nurturing approach. I believe healing comes from the relationships we experience, and I hold the deepest respect in all my therapeutic relationships, especially those with teens who are learning so much about their self-worth and personal values. 


When appropriate, I work with parents and families to develop healthy strategies for communication, love, and support. 

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