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I am a native Texan, living in Austin, Texas since 2001.

I started out as a therapist in community mental health care, working with teens and families. As my interests grew to involve a more holistic and nature-based approach, I moved to a small town in Montana to provide therapy to teen girls in a therapeutic boarding school. My work here focused on attachment and trauma-related wounds. Therapy here was experiential and intensive, with a highly nurturing approach. In this stunning setting, the beautiful Montana Rockies and the Kootenai National Forest were my partners in healing. 

Upon moving back to Austin in 2013, I continued to work with teens in private practice and with an area non-profit. As my life meandered, and I found my footing in private practice, I discovered a deep appreciation for working with the various stages and transitions of adulthood. I sought out training and was certified in The Daring Way™, Brené Brown's shame resilience curriculum. This work inspired a more focused approach to exploring and unraveling the struggles with self-worth and shame that can so deeply impact our ability to show up in the world and in our relationships. I've facilitated numerous workshops and intensives based on this approach and weave it into my individual work. 

I joined GT Therapy Group in 2018 as a Senior Therapist. I love being in partnership and community with other thoughtful and passionate therapists. The collaboration and support I receive from this group practice makes me a better therapist to my clients. 

In 2021, at the height of the pandemic, I earned Supervisor status in order to offer guidance and exploration to budding therapists.

In 2022/23, I took a deep dive into Internal Family Systems (IFS) which provides a lens to explore and integrate the various parts of ourself that make us uniquely who we are. As a Level 1 IFS therapist, I've found this to be a powerful approach in addressing challenges in relationships, trauma, depression, and anxiety.

As my background is in Social Work, I am deeply driven by a social justice perspective. I actively and continually learn and evolve as a human in this complicated world. I seek to understand my privilege and the intersectional challenges that face marginalized communities. My sincerest hope is to be a safe place for all people.

I feel a great privilege to work with incredible humans, everyday. My clients inspire me and give my work meaning and purpose. I hold the deepest respect for the vulnerability required in the therapeutic process and appreciate the opportunity to show up for people who deserve to be fully seen. 

And, when I'm not working, I'm found with my two kiddos, husband, and dog piddlin' around the house, baking, gardening, or sitting in the hammock under my favorite tree. 

Thanks for stopping by. I hope to hear from you soon.


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